Wrap-up Scholarship of Docschool PhilCult

The Doctoral School of Philological and Cultural Studies can support highly qualified members with a Wrap-up scholarship for the completion of their dissertation. The programme is aimed at doctoral students whose dissertation projects are nearing completion and who have no other funding during the funding period applied for. The scholarship amounts to 1,050 euros per month. The scholarships have a maximum duration of 6 months.


  • The scholarship holder must not hold a position as a predoctoral researcher at the University of Vienna currently or have held one for at least the last 6 months. This applies to both university funded and third-party funded positions.

  • At the time of application, work on the dissertation must already have progressed to such an extent that submission of the completed dissertation can be expected by the end of the funding period at the latest.
  • It is not necessary to be present at the university to complete the dissertation.


Amount and duration of the scholarship:

Amount: EUR 1,050 per month

Duration: up to 6 months

Application deadline & application

Information on this will be sent to the members of the doctoral school in due course

Important note: Multiple funding by other institutions and/or the University of Vienna is not permitted. Recipients are responsible for any taxes on the scholarship and insurance during the scholarship period and are informed that if their annual net income exceeds EUR 8,580, this must be taxed. If the above conditions are met, the final scholarship is considered "income from self-employment".