Registration for the Doctoral School of Philological and Cultural Studies

An enrolment platform has been set up where doctoral students who are already enrolled can register for the PhilKult doctoral school by providing their name, matriculation number and email address and by taking note of the binding Code of Good Practice for Doctoral Schools.

It is also possible to register for one of the 12 sections after consultation with the supervisors, but this can also be done at a later date if necessary. The final decision is left to the doctoral candidates. If a doctoral student does not have a supervisor who participates in the doctoral school, they can still register!


Important note:
Praedocs and project staff who have not yet been admitted to the doctoral programme should apply for admission as soon as possible. The financial resources per capita/student available in the PhilKult doctoral school represent considerable added value compared to possible savings on tuition fees. Once admitted, it is then immediately possible to enrol in the PhilKult doctoral school and benefit from its advantages.